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Volumax Mascara and Eyeliner

Create sleek lines and volumised lashes in just 2 steps.

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Combining a super-fine and perfectly firm liquid liner with a volumising mascara, you can create sleek, even lines and volumised lashes with this multi-tasking make-up product. The liquid eyeliner dries quickly and is highly pigmented, for perfect lines in one quick stroke. The extra thick volumising brush is easy to use, creating fuller-looking lashes in one quick application. Available in Ultra Black and Waterproof.

1.Wipe off excess mascara from the wand
2. For upper lashes, keep the wand horizontal and wiggle the brush from left to right taking product from the root to the tip of the lash
3. Apply a second coat using the same motion for a more dramatic look
4. For bottom lashes, turn the wand vertically and carefully catch each lash with the tip of the brush

1. Starting on the inner corner of the eye, use the nib close to the lash root and gently pull along the lash line
2. Stop at the outer corner of the eye and draw on the flick
3. Join the two lines together...and voila!

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