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Eyes Uncovered Palette

Smooth, velvet texture for easy blending

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Palette of 6 highly pigmented eyeshadow shades. Smooth, velvet texture for easy blending. Combination of shades enables you to create a natural daytime look and enhance with darker shades for an evening transformation.

1. Using a fluffy brush cover the eyelid with the shade 1 and take it up to the brow bone
2. Tapping off any excess, layer a blend of shades 2 and 3 all over the eyelid to add intensity
3. Take the shade 5 along the socket line to add depth to the eye, blending outwards and upwards as you go
4. Using the same shade 5, take this along the lower lash line using a flat, angled brush
5. Apply the shade 6 close to the lash line on the upper lid to make lashes appear fuller
6. Repeat on the lower lash line

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